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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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230                          LETTERS   FROM   THE

think it, however, most probable that you will
soon return to Paris."

I conclude you have got my letter with an
account of Eugenie's visit to the Directory. You
will see that Barthelemy is not bad, but he is
not strong. All his life he has file doux. I little
dreamt I should ever become a suspicious person,
who have passed my days en jasminant. I sup-
pose I am kept away now for fear of my giving
a lift to the negotiations, by intelligence, &c.

I have had a letter from Mr. Vernon, to re-
commend the captain and crew of the Dolphin
packet, in which he and Lord Berwick were
taken. The French consul has liberated the
passengers, and they are gone on to Rome to
fetch the Misses Hill. What a time to go to
Rome, which is certainly on the eve of liberty!
This old lady dead, there will be no more, at
least with power, What an age to live in!

Benincasa is delighted with the ruins of hier-
archies, inquisitors, nobility, &c. The Margravine
has sent me, by Madame Gaspari, a lock of her
hair, in the clumsiest frame I ever saw, exactly
like some fashionable knockers at doors; a flaming
letter accompanied it.

I now copy out the account of Eugenie's second
visit, with her mother, to the Directory.